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Bulk SMS to 90+ countries

Basic features of our Instant Bulk SMS

Deliver to 90+ countries

Best Reseller Programe


100% Delivery

Lot of Add-Ons

For common users of Bulk SMS


Send Single SMS

Promotional SMS

Transactional SMS


Send Group SMS

Schedule SMS

Dynamic Sender ID

Delivery Report

Online Payment

For IT Companies & Web Developers

Connect our APIs with your website or software to send SMS automatically from your website or software

API to send SMS

Single API for 90+ countries

API to check delivery report

99.9% up time

For demo account

To try our services before purchase, kindly signup in prioritysms.a4add.com. We will provide you with demo SMS to test and confirm our service.

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Become a reseller of bulksms business and start selling SMS to +90 countries.

Buy 1,00,000 SMS and become a reseller. Earn min 25,000/- per month

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White label panel

30min process