Studio Management System

Let’s agree, running a photography business isn’t easy. Weather you are only starting your creative adventure, or are an experienced full-time photographer, videographer, event planner or entrepreneur – keeping track of everything, from emails and appointments to projects, leads, invoices and taxes can be incredibly overwhelming. And as your business grows, you just get busier. Sticky notes, To Do apps, little notes that you draw on your hand won’t do the trick anymore.It’s hard to deny the need and appeal of getting a platform that could take care and automate a large part of your tasks and responsibilities, simplify your workflow and save you hours – time that you could be spending on the creative work.

Overview of our system

Before diving into each task, get a quick overview of what’s happening with our software and workflow.
Booking Management System
  • Add or Edit Booking
  • Add Event Date
  • Add Client Contact Information
  • Add Requirement
  • Set Reminder
Reminder Management
  • SMS reminder
  • Email reminder
  • Multiple reminder
  • Send reminder
  • Share event location
  • Send Photographer details
Service Management System
  • Manage services you provied
  • Edit, Add, Delete services
Enquiry Management System
  • Add, edit, delete the enquiry
  • See Booking Date
  • See Required Date
  • Add Advance Amount
  • Convert enquiry to work
Event Management System
  • Add, edit, delete the events
Staff Management System
  • Add or Edit Staff
  • Assign Staff Designation
  • See Staff Contact Information
  • Send SMS or Email to Staff
  • Set Reminder of Work
Account Management System
  • Manage Accounts
  • See Booking Date of a Client
  • See Required Date of a Client
  • See Contact Details of a Client
  • See Total Payment
  • Paid Amount
  • Balance Amount
  • Date of payment
  • History of Payment

Ouick email send system


SMS and E-mail notification

Download all enquirys and booking as excel


Set custom reminders

Pending payment reminders

Assing work to employees

Calender - track enquiry, booking and reminders

Payment history

Backup all data

Schedule works



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