Bulk SMS & Social Media Sharing Security System

Security app for sending Bulk SMS and share posts in social media is the only complete social media & digital protection platform built for enterprises

Social, mobile, digital and collaboration platforms—such as Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, mobile app stores, Pastebin, Microsoft Teams and more—have become the new cyber security battleground, presenting one of the largest and most dynamic risks to organizational security in decades. Modern organizations struggle with the scale, trusted nature, and lack of visibility of these platforms, and they’re vulnerable against a new breed of highly-effective attacks outside the perimeter, ranging from targeted phishing and spoofed accounts to executive threats and data loss. We believe your branding or reach to people is the most importance of a school to stand up. So, we bring a new innovation for a school to secure the branding and do the school related work so easily by using our software.

Our Highlights 

Intelligent System


Brand Promotion

Easy Management

Resist Hijaking


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